GeForce NOW has detailed its next major step in the world of Cloud Gaming, the all-new GTX 3080 Membership Tier! 

The GTX 3080 Tier is a high-performance membership tier that will provide gamers with access to the greatest ever generational leap in the history of GeForce. This new tier will deliver the best resolutions, fastest frame rates and the lowest latency in Cloud Gaming. 

In order to do this, GeForce NOW will be rolling out all-new ‘GeForce NOW SuperPOD’s’ to their data centres. Each SuperPOD’s are the worlds most powerful gaming computer and will consist of:

  •  39,200 Teraflops
  • 11,477.760 CUDA Cores
  • 8,960 CPU Cores

Each server Blade will have:

  • 35 Teraflops - The equivalent on 3 x Xbox Series X consoles
  • CPU - 8 Core, 16 Thread
  • RAM - 28GB DDR4-3200

So what does this all mean and just exactly what level of performance can you expect to see across the range of devices that GeForce NOW is available on:

  • 1440p - 120FPS on PC
  • 1600p - 120FPS on Macbooks
  • 4K HDR - 60FPS on Nvidia Shield TV devices
  • Up to 120FPS on select mobile devices. 

In terms of further improving latency on GeForce NOW, Nvidia are rolling out a new Adaptive-Sync Technology which is designed to reduce latency and sync frames to provide the smoothest possible Cloud gameplay experience. All GeForce NOW users will see the benefit to this but users on the new RTX 3080 Tier will see the biggest benefit through high frame rate synchronization. This is an update that will be available to everyone and it is rolling out now. 

Of course, to experience, the new RTX 3080 membership will come at an extra cost. This cost stands at £89.99/$99.99 for 6 months. Current GeForce NOW Priority members will be able to pre order starting today. The new RTX 3080 Tier will roll out to North America in early November with the EU to follow in early December. 

Pre-orders for the new RTX 3080 are now open to both Founders and Priority members and will open to all gamers next week. This can be done through your GeForce NOW account and as an extra little bonus, Founders will be able to take advantage of a 10% pre-order discount. 

Founders Members can be rest assured that should upgrade to the new RTX 3080 Tier and then decide to downgrade at a future date, your Founders status is protected. 

The GTX 3080 Tier is a huge step forward from Nvidia and GeForce NOW and with the GeForce NOW currently supporting 30 Data Centres and spanning 80 countries, with more to follow. You can’t help but feel that GeForce NOW is just getting started. 

I had the privilege to be invited to the pre-briefing for the new RTX 3080 Tier and one thing I instantly noticed was the passion and commitment that the GeForce NOW team have for not just GeForce NOW but Cloud Gaming. They have a real ambition to make GeForce NOW the best experience possible, with their ultimate aim to drive down latency to a point where you can no longer tell the difference between Cloud Gaming and a native experience, to the point where they have Pro Gamers working on the QA side of things.

For me, Nvidia is setting the bar here when it comes to Cloud Gaming. As it stands, they have the most users, most games and arguably the best tech when it comes to game streaming, they certainly have the most powerful thanks to the new RTX 3080 Tier. With the sense of commitment and passion I sense from the GeForce NOW team, they are setting the benchmark when it comes to Cloud Gaming and I think they will continue to push that constantly. With the new RTX 3080 Tier, Nvidia is not just positioning GeForce NOW to compete with the current generation of consoles, they are also laying the groundwork for it to compete with the next generation of consoles. It will be up to the other companies and platforms in the Cloud Gaming space on whether they want to keep pace